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BBQ's - Top tips to avoid stress
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Choose from our vast collection of traditional and contemporary Masonry, Gas and Charcoal Barbecues at the best price - Alfresia.

Barrel Barbecue - The original Barrel Barbecue handmade in England.

Big K - Sellers of high quality concrete masonry barbecues.

Wow BBQ - WowBBQ is the largest online Weber BBQ distributor in the UK.

Charcoal or Gas Barbecue – The Pros and Cons !!


Cheap to buy and run
Authentic charcoal/smoky taste and flavour
Portable – ideal for picnics and the beach
Charcoal more easy to obtain than gas cylinders
Needs to be lit 20 to 45 minutes before cooking
Smoke, so not good in very small gardens
Cleaning – need to remove ash


Convenient and hassle free – easy to light up and ready to cook in minutes
Less smoke
Adjustable cooking temperature, so easier to regulate the heat
Easy to maintain
Good when entertaining large groups of people
More expensive to purchase than a charcoal bbq
Authenticity – loss of authentic smoky taste and flavour



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