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The Perfect Social Barbeque …

We are not a nation you would first associate with the barbeque, but we don’t have to tell you how much we look forward to a good old grill session when the weather is nice! That is probably the point – we don’t get many chances to stoke the charcoals and get cooking outdoors enough, so when we do get them we grab them with both hands, tongs, and forks.

We have a few little points to ensure that you get the most out of your barbeque, and the lovely few days of sunshine we will end up with.


Choose Your Barbeque To Match Your Tastes

To keep it simple, you have to decide whether you want a gas or a charcoal barbeque. Charcoal barbeques are the most traditional type and rely on lighting charcoals underneath and grill, and lowering or raising to adjust the temperature. The charcoals will need to burn until they go white, they are hot enough to cook on. Gas barbeques are however basically instant and be lit with an ignition switch. While gas barbeques are then the easier option, people still swear by having their food cooked by charcoals to get that desired ‘char’ effect on their food.

Either one is fairly straight forward, you just have to think about your budget and whether you prefer the ease of a gas, or the traditional smoke of a charcoal. If you really don’t think you will get your use out of a proper barbeque you could even get a few disposable ones for a one-time solution. This is a good way of getting a taste for barbequing before purchasing any permanent garden products.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

This aspect is definitely the most vital when it comes to having a stress-free feast! The amount of food you do of course depends on the number you are feeding, but what you can do is think ahead to really reduce a mammoth task at the last minute. Start marinating any meat or fish in the morning, or even the night before! This way your food will be prepped for the grill, and bursting with flavour.

Some large trays and plates would be a wise investment – that way you can seamlessly transfer your food from indoors to outdoors in fewer trips. The other big thing you can prepare in advance is of course salads, cutlery, plates, and even large batches of drinks in the fridge. This may seem like a chore but with our unpredictable weather it makes sense that you can go from being indoors waiting to full Barbie mode in a few minutes!

Have a Contingency Plan!

We don’t want to sound negative, but having a contingency plan means that no large social gathering turns into a shambles – and wouldn’t that be a shame after all the planning? We always recommend placing your barbeque in a fairly sheltered area of your garden (safe sheltered area!). The lack of wind will make lighting it easier, and should there be a sudden downpour the food and grill-master are not harmed and can go on!

If the weather does get beyond reckoning, cook what it is left and start bringing the food into the house to be cooked.

If the weather does hold up – and we hope it does – then think about preparing to stay out the garden until late. This is where a decent form of outdoor heating, or even a gazebo would really come in handy. Once you start your barbeque and whole outdoor experience it can then be a bit of a shame to move things back outdoors. Even if it’s just coats and a couple of candles, know in your mind where they all are.

These are three pretty broad points that cover a great deal. They do however contain some really handy hints though we think. It is all about making sure you get the most out of your barbeque, and you’re not too stressed and flummoxed to enjoy it yourself. The right barbeque will make sure your priorities are sorted; having a contingency plan and making sure you have prepared will ensure your barbeque has a calming fluidity, and that it only burns out when you do.

These thoughts were considered by Luke Mulligan for
Greensquares sell high quality garden products for those who also appreciate outdoor living.



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