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Garden ornaments and sculptures add interest to your garden and help you create that unique look


Garden ornaments were once thought of as merely garden gnomes, but today there's a vast choice ranging from the traditional gnomes and fairies upwards to modern or classical sculptures and statues.

Positioning garden ornaments/statues

Choose ornaments/statuary of an appropriate scale that are big enough to have an impact, but not so big that they overwhelm the garden.  Ornaments that are too small have a tendency to get lost, especially as plants grow around them.

Another important fact is not to overload the garden with too many small ornaments as they either clutter the garden or look messy.

One well placed statue can create a beautiful focal point.

Nestle statuary amongst the plants.  A half hidden piece of statuary creates an element of surprise to visitors to the garden.

When positioning an object, consider the view from the house especially if you want to enjoy it when you're indoors as well as out.

Consider positioning of water features and fountains carefully.  Do you want to enjoy the sound of the water running?  If so, place it near a bench or patio area.

Choice of Garden Ornaments and Statues

There's a huge choice available, but listed below are just a few the more commonly available:

  • Animals
  • Bird baths and feeders – another common but functional item of garden décor that comes in a vast range of designs and sizes that can suit from the smallest to the largest of gardens.
  • Garden Clocks – especially suited to the cottage or traditional type of garden.
  • Fountains and water features
  • Gnomes – still one of the most common garden ornaments in the world.   Considered to bring good luck to the owner when placed in a garden.
  • Outdoor wall art – weather resistant art for your garden walls
  • Pots and containers
  • Sculptures
  • Statues
  • Weathervanes and Sundials – these practical but elegant items are generally made of metal
  • Windchimes – soothing when you're relaxing in the garden


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