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Debby's Garden Links - Directory of UK garden related serDebby's Garden Links - Directory of UK garden services / suppliers
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Pests and Diseases
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Aardvark Pest Control Wigan
Pest control services for North-West England. For garden moles, wasps, mice, rats, grey squirrels, insects and more, including bird proofing and perimeter fencing. Regional distributor of P+L systems Ltd. EFK’s (electric fly killing units).
Vermatech Pest Control High Wycombe
Local pest control experts with over 20 years experience in all pest control and extermination services in High Wycombe & surrounding areas. 

Agralan - Safe and effective alternatives to pesticides. Mail order catalogue available on request.
Arkay Ltd - Insect-o-Cutor fly killers and fly screens. All products come with a 5 year guarantee. New range - lower prices.
Armillatox - Information on this product used for controlling moss, algae and vine weevil amongst other things.
Avid Pest Control - Pest Control across London. Residential or commercial.
Cat Repellent - A guide to cat repellent techniques that are humane, safe, effective, and affordable.
Countryman Pest Control - From Northampton, UK. Any pest problems in the garden - countryman can help.
Deep Impact Plant Care - Simple to use complete grow system.
Environ Pest Control - Your local pest control experts.
Fast Pest Control - Safe pest control solution for ants, cockroaches and mosquitos.
Get rid of slugs - Slug pellet free – natural slug and snail control info.
HSD Online - Large range of rat/mouse and rodent control products. Next day delivery.
Just Green - Wide range of natural products for the garden and pest control.
Moss Killers - Kill moss, algae and lichen from your roof, patio, driveway, path, tennis courts and sports surfaces.
Nemaslug - Competitive online supplier of Nemaslug Slug Killer.
Nemasys - Information about pest control using nematodes to remove slugs, vine weevils, chafer grubs and leatherjackets.
Nematodes Direct - Great value Nemaslug Nematodes delivered direct to your door.
Pestcatcher - Pest Control Swindon and Wiltshire.
Pest Free - Wide range of pest control products that deter, trap and kill.
Scarletts - Another excellent site for wide range of biological pest controls. Clear description of pests and their control, plus some other plant care goodies!  Buy on line.  Fast and efficient service plus helpline.
Slug Fence - Slug control without chemicals.
Slug X - The environment friendly and humane answer to slug and snail infestation.
SnailAway - Ecological friendly way to control slugs & snails in the garden. Chemical-free & harmless to wildlife!
The Trap Man - UK manufacturers and mail order suppliers of live capture and humane traps, Quick UK delivery from stock.
Victor Pest - Global leader in rodent control, offering variety of small animal control solutions.
Yucky Slugs and Snails - Some solutions for managing your slug and snail problems.


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Debby's Garden Links - Directory of UK gardening related services and product suppliers
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