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Who is Debby?
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Debby - Debby's Garden LinksSo you're interested in finding out a little bit more about me are you ?  OK then, here goes ...

My name is Debby, I'm 39 years old and live in North Yorkshire, England.   

I've been interested in gardening now for about 20 years.  It all started when I got my own house with its own little garden.  My childhood was spent being dragged around various garden centres/nurseries and I vowed then that when I got my own place, my garden would just be concrete and nothing else. 

So what happened?  Well, one day I was round at my parents house and there was this seed catalogue.  For some unknown reason, I picked it up, started reading it and the next thing I knew I was ordering packets of seeds and my dad was building me a greenhouse !!

20 years on and still my garden is nothing to be proud of - but I try !!!    Were you expecting to see some photos of my garden on here?  Sorry, wouldn't dare show you - you would be so disappointed.


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Debby's Garden Links - Directory of UK gardening related services and product suppliers
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