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Create an easy to maintain garden

Create an easy to maintain garden

As we get older, start families and head for retirement we seem to have much less time than we ever did before. So having an easy to maintain garden can cut both costs and time, so you can spend it doing more important things. Also, even though we hate to admit it, we are not getting any younger and the less hard work we put our bodies through the better. There are many tricks of the trade to create a garden that not only is easy to look after but is also a great place to relax and enjoy with the family.

Potted Plants

When you have flower beds they may look very attractive but there are many problems that can occur and they need to be maintained thoroughly. Digging over a flower bed is a tiring and time consuming task that can cause back pain. This can be avoided by having many potted plants instead. There are many benefits to potted plants starting with their preparation.

With a flower bed you will need to bend over the area for quite a while, but with potted plants you can take the leisurely option and sit at a table to pot them. This is far better for your posture in the long run and you can even make it a family activity. From then on the plants will need watering once in a while to keep them happy but there is nothing else you will need to do.


The traditional choice of the patio is now slowly becoming less popular as more alternatives become available. Although patios can look smart when first laid, over time they become dirty and discoloured due to the typical English weather. This can of course be removed with the use of a jet washer but this takes a lot of time out of your Sunday. Many types of decking are now coated so that their colour and effect stays for many years to come. Therefore there is no need to re-stain the wood and you will be left to enjoy sitting outside without any hassle.

Deter Pests

Some animals can be a nightmare when it comes to maintaining a garden as they can destroy plants, dig into your lawn and also damage fencing when getting in. A good tip is to use a mesh guard around the area of your garden and also to firmly place this around 30cm into the ground so that no pests can burrow under the fence. This will keep out animals and will protect your garden from any potential damage.

Build a Greenhouse

Keeping on top of a vegetable patch can be a lot of work and, although it may be an enjoyable hobby, it can cause back and arm ache. The benefits of swapping this for a greenhouse are huge as not only is this easier for you to look after, it is also safer for the produce that you are growing. As we all know the English weather can be unpredictable and just when you are about to start picking you do not want everything to be destroyed during a storm. Installing shelves into the greenhouse will also mean that everything is at an accessible height and you can tailor this for the children in your family.

Artificial Grass

Imagine not having to mow the lawn every few weeks especially in the winter when your hands turn to ice after a few minutes. Artificial grass is now a better quality than ever and is extremely realistic. There is no need to have a lawn mower taking up space in the shed and you have no worries during the winter about it growing out of control. With many different shades and textures, there is always one that will suit you and your needs.

Bird Feeder

Having a bird feeder will bring you much enjoyment watching the variety of species that enter your garden, but will also make your garden an easier to maintain area. By tempting birds in, you will find that not only do they eat the bird seed you provide, but they will also eat annoying insects that can cause huge problems to your plants. Insects such as caterpillars can munch through a large amount of foliage in a short amount of time so a bird eating the caterpillar can have a positive effect.

This post was written by Amy Bennett who has recently developed her garden to be easily maintainable. She recommends 1-Grass for all your artificial grass needs as they offer affordable prices and an excellent service.


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