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Great tips for clearing trees and opening up your garden

If you move into a home or often even if you have lived there for a long period of time, you will find that trees can cause all sorts of issues and an area may need to be cleared.

The size of trees often means that they can cause all sorts of issues, be it as an obstruction or perhaps there is an underground problem with roots. In many cases steps have to be taken to clear the trees to open up the garden and prevent such problems getting worse. So, here are some tips on how to do so.


Cutting or removing trees from a garden is a labour intensive process and one that often requires people to use power tools, involve generator hire, or mean bringing in professionals with experience using specific items. Whether you do it yourself or not, safety is a concern – so make sure to wear safety goggles, boots, globes and other safety items as flying debris can be an issue.

Of course, you should also take care to avoid overhead power lines, not to stand beneath falling trees and never to turn your back on the tree.


Ensure that you have the proper equipment at hand and that it is up to the task. This means that your equipment should be sharp, services and ready to go, meaning that there are no distractions. This will save you time, effort and also mean you are on site when you need to be and so this aids safety concerns.

Cutting the Tree

When cutting, determine the direction of the fall, though if the tree is leaning you have no choice in the matter. Ensure you have an escape route and that there are no obstacles in the trees path.
Make the first cut parallel to the ground a third of the way into the tree. Then make the second cut downward at a 60 degree angle above the original cut. This is known as a face-cut and pushes the tree in the direction you require.

On the opposite side create a 1 -2 inch cut just above the bottom of the face-cut  - this creates a hinge. This prevents the tree from twisting when falling. The tree should begin to topple and now you should retreat.

Root Systems

Trees have quite complex root systems and clearing the stump and roots can be quite a task. Stump grinder machinery can work here if the tree is large, though in such a case, unless the tree is small, then professional help is the best option.

Clean Up

Now that you are finished you can clean up your tools, the ends of the tree and the area and should hopefully have achieved your aim.

Cormac Reynolds writes for UK company.



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