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General Gardening Sites
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Anglian Gardener - Gardening in Anglia and the South East.  Advice, information, links and a forum.
Backyard Gardener - Information on all sorts of aspects of gardening.
Crocus - Garden news and features, jobs for the week, on-line shopping, planting plans and gardens to visit. A great new site.
Daisy's Cybergarden - A gardening site filled with links, tips, rose care guide, pond building guide & recycling tips.
Down Garden Service - Lots of information. on weeds, pests, diseases & related subjects.
earthly pursuits - Cultivating the gardens of the mind and spirit with an eclectic look at old-fashioned and new-fangled ideas about gardening and other earthly things. Books, old book library online includes 1945 Ministry of Agriculture Allotment and Garden Guides.
Flower and Garden Tips - Take a stroll round Flower and Garden Tips for practical solutions, inspiration and pots of support!
Garden Ideas - For gardening tools, everything from palm trees to roses.
Garden Resources - A wide range of garden related information ranging from plants to trees to operator manuals.
Gardeners articles - The online resource for every gardener. Submit YOUR articles today!
Gardener's Network - Online gardening community and stacks of information.
Gardener's Paradise - Useful information and gardening tips for both new and experienced gardeners alike.
Garden Freebies - Lists free stuff for gardeners including free seeds, gardening catalogues and discounts.
Garden Seeker - lists gardening retail outlets and gives plenty of information about gardening.
Gardens Online - Desktop Gardening Australian
Gay Gardener - Lots of flower photos, useful gardening information, quotes, poems, feature articles and more...
Global Gardening - Simple advice and ideas for adapting your garden to climate change. Includes list of nurseries/useful websites and plant directory.
Green Fingers - General information on projects to do in your guide, find nurseries and gardens to visit. Excellent site.
Hints and Things - Hints, tips, general information and advice on many different subjects. 
House and Garden Design - Designing spaces that feel as good as they look. Our global design consultancy means wherever you are, we can help design your house and garden.
I Can Garden - Canada's largest internet gardening resource site. Special feature is the garden tours to England and Europe.   Canadian
I Love Plants - A down to earth, easy to use directory to garden related information.
Lets Go Gardening - The one stop site for everything gardening and more.
Lewis Gardens - Gardening tips and topics offered by Lewis Gardens. Get advice on home gardening and the care of perennial plants.
Mirror Garden - Gardening tips and shop for garden supplies, tools, plants, flower delivery, bouquets, plant care, furniture and other gardening products.
Paul's Garden World - All you need to know to garden successfully.
Plant Ideas - Heaps of ideas for your garden from creating an annual garden to how to create the perfect lawn. American
Real Gardeners - Non profit making site set up by gardeners in the UK, with membership worldwide. Highly interactive site used to exchange tips and ideas and has many areas including a live chat room.
The Allotment - The delights of allotments. 15 ITV programmes. Suit new & established growers, garden tips & sheds!
The Garden Helper - A free encyclopedia of gardening help and information, Gardener's Forum, and free flower and nature wallpaper photographs.
The Gardeners Almanac - An A to Z and photograph album on gardening, designed to answer that perennial question of 'what should I be doing in my garden this week' ?
Webs Best Gardening - Resource for gardeners on the internet.


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