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Your patio and Driveway - transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

SureSet - Transforming your Patio and Driveway

Not something you would automatically think about when looking to resurface the driveway or create a functional outdoor space.  We tend to look at more traditional materials when we decide to build a patio or outdoor space; and when we look to resurface the drive, the last thing we think is adding colour.


By using an exciting material called permeable paving, a resin-bonded material. It comes in a range of colours and complete functional. You can create shapes and designs with very few boundaries. So, if you are looking to extend or replace your patio area, why not think beyond wood, decking, concrete slabs and decorative gravel and take a look at this material?

Adding colour – and not by painting

When you are thinking of creating or re-modelling an outside space, think outside the box. Rather than wood or concrete paving slab, why not take a look at a relatively new material called resin bonded material. Popular in commercial applications because it offers versatility, robustness and is fairly competitive in price compared to other materials as well as being easy and less time consuming to lay.


Let your imagination run riot! There are many firms in the UK that offer bespoke services with resin bonded material such as SureSet. You can let your imagination run riot as the only technical consideration is the ground on which it will be laid. As long as the foundation is flat, your design has no limits!

Internal and external

Resin bonded material offers fantastic versatility – it is robust enough to take on the most inclement of weathers from months of rain to harsh ice and snow, to the bright UK sunshine. You really can lay it anywhere and it’ll work – and that includes inside.  Resin bonded material works well in kitchens, bathroom, wet rooms, anywhere in fact. Again the key is making sure you get a reputable installer; SureSet have created, designed and laid many resin-bonded material floors.

Not just for playgrounds

It’s the place where you’ll have seen various designs and colours; resin bonded materials are used in a variety of commercial applications. But it doesn’t need to look like a playground or a cycle lane. Doing your research and getting ideas from other places and websites; check out the gallery on SureSet and you’ll find some fantastic ideas.

Doing your bit for the environment

Resin bonded material is made from recycle material too, so not only do you get a fabulous floor or outdoor space, but you get to feel virtuous that your bespoke, colourful surface is also recycled from other material. So you haven’t destroyed or added chemicals to the atmosphere in the process.


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