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Pets in the garden

Some people don’t think pets and gardens go together. In fact, the mere thought of man’s best friend running riot around their prized flowers or vegetables is enough to make a lot of keen gardeners hide in the potting shed. Some dedicated pet owners also use their animals as an excuse for the barren wasteland that surrounds their home.

It doesn’t have to be like that. With a bit of planning and design, a beautiful garden and happy, healthy family pets can thrive side-by-side.

Dogs, cats and smaller pets like rabbits or guinea pigs can all have an impact on your garden. There are also many things in the average garden that can harm your pet. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adapting an existing outside space for your pets, these tips will help both flourish!

Garden planning for your pet

Plan a route! Animals, especially dogs, are creatures of habits and if you watch your pet carefully you’ll see they usually make the same journey to their favourite spot to go to the toilet. Over time, this will make a track and damage grass or plants along the way. Why not save yourself a lot of re-planting or sowing of grass seed and set down an attractive path made of stone or bricks? This will also be easy to wash down and can add a new feature to your garden.

Pet training

Talking of toileting, did you know that with a bit of patience and persistence you can train your dog to use a particular area of the garden? Male dogs also like to lift their legs against objects such as plant pots so you may want to place these out of reach. You can provide “pee spots” for your best friend such as old tree trunks or specially made products that attract dogs to urinate there so your best friend can water these without killing plants or spoiling expensive containers. See dog training tips from Value Pet Supplies UK.

Garden fencing

Pet friendly gardens need fencing but your green and pleasant space doesn’t have to turn into Guantanamo Bay. There are attractive fencing options that will keep your pets secure but won’t spoil the look of your garden. You have to decide whether you want your fencing to be “transparent” (such as chain link that won’t detract from your planting) or a solid barrier which is handy if you have a dog who might bark at passers-by and you need to make it high enough to prevent your pet from jumping or climbing over. Just remember that small animals such as rabbits (and even some breeds of dog) can dig their way out! It’s always best to sink your fence a couple of feet into the ground!  
Pets in the garden
Make sure your fence is sufficient
to keep your pet safely enclosed.
Pets in the garden  

Sheltering and comfort

Attractive garden shelters like gazebos or arbours can provide welcome shade for both you and your pets if you enjoy spending time outside together during the summer. Carefully planted trees and large shrubs can also provide shelter from the sun and wind.

Your garden needs shelter and shade
for you and pets to enjoy.

A safe environment

Make sure your garden is as safe as possible for your pets. There are many plants that are very poisonous so these should be removed. There are other items commonly found or used in our gardens that can harm pets such as slug pellets or cocoa mulch. Remember to always read the label before you buy anything and find a safe alternative.

Pets in the garden
Some plants can be dangerous
or even fatal to pets.

Pest control

Slugs and snails can do more than eat your Hostas. In some parts of the UK they carry a potentially deadly lungworm infestation which dogs can pick up from the trails of slime they leave behind. Please speak to your vet about how to minimise the risk.

Above all, remember your garden is a place to enjoy your free time and what better way to do it than sharing it with your best friends!

Value Pet Supplies UK


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