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Living the summerhouse dream


What is it about summerhouses? We all seem to dream of having one. Every interiors magazine is full of ticking-striped cushions, matt-painted tongue and groove and reclining steamer chairs. We’re all looking for the summer house lifestyle, but where do we start?

Obviously the most important decision is the summerhouse itself. Dream summerhouses are not dusty sheds with deckchairs in them: they are solid, durable timber cabins, a home from home which will set off the garden beautifully. Choose a reputable supplier who can show you the real thing on their show site, talk you through every option, and offer you self-assembly or fully installed options.

There’s an amazingly wide range to choose from. From square or rectangular to octagonal, you can catch the sun from every angle (or shade it with a covered terrace). A space-saving corner design might be just as sunny, but fit a little better in a smaller garden. You can even have an octagonal design installed on a rotating base – never miss a ray!

The style of your garden will help dictate the ideal design. Sleek contemporary styles would look perfectly at home in an urban garden or alongside a modern house. More traditional looks might work better in a more cottage-style garden or in a neighbourhood of older houses. Either way, there’s always scope to customise designs and create something just right for you, and your garden will look all the better for it.

A choice of colours and finishes can also transform your summer house and create the exact look you’re after. Tough weatherproof paints come in an array of colours from cool and chic to heritage shades and warm naturals. You can choose to paint yourself or many summerhouses are available ready painted, so all you have to do is move in!  Your garden furniture and the planting you choose around your summer house will complete the picture.

Depending on the range of summerhouses you choose from, there are options for your roof which can create an Edwardian-style lead or copper finish (fancy a weathervane or finial? it’s yours!) Or choose slate effect tiles, gently weathering cedar shingles or even a thatch. Unless you prefer simple bitumen or fibreglass tiles in a choice of colours, of course!

All of these options will keep out the weather for many years to come, and the summerhouse lifestyle isn’t limited to sunny days. You can savour longer evenings in spring, read or do crafts on wet summer weekends, and have a cuppa and enjoy your garden on chillier days too.


So it’s worth thinking about options which will help ensure your summer house is enjoyable all year round. You can run mains electricity to your garden room and install lights, heating and power for the laptop. Also consider choosing an upgraded insulation option. In a summer house built from solid timber, it will feel like it’s summer all year round.

If you don’t want to keep your summer house all to yourself (and who would blame you?!) you could also fix it up to be a haven for entertaining. Dining outdoors is fun, and with double glazing and insulation the evenings will be warm enough throughout the seasons.

Some summerhouses are offered with beautifully upholstered built-in seating to fit everyone in comfort. You could also think about using seating for built-in storage for your throws, wine coolers, lanterns and so on. A paved area outside will let you bask in the sun when it’s warm enough and retreat inside when it grows cooler, still with a summery view of your garden.

The summer house dream is all about taking every opportunity to be outside in comfort. We can’t always be on holiday, but relaxing in our summer house on a long twilit evening or just enjoying watching the kids play, we can feel like we are.

For a range of quality summerhouses contact Garden Affairs on 01225 774566 or visit their website



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