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Essential lawn care tips

Whenever you look at golf courses, football pitches or cricket grounds you see fantastic quality grass which many gardeners hope to replicate in their back gardens. Unfortunately keeping a good lawn takes a bit more effort than throwing out some grass seeds and letting the rain do it’s work. For a great lawn you need to give it the same level of care you would your roses, today we are going to through our essential lawn care tips to help you get the lawn you want:

1. Soil pH Level

Having soil with the wrong pH level is one of the most common culprits to bad lawn growth. Soil in your garden is prone to collecting pollutants and harmful chemicals that make for poor growing conditions for grass. To ensure you are using the right products and treatments for your lawn, it is essential that you start off by measuring and checking the pH levels of the soil your grass is growing on. There are a number of different ways to do this, it is easily done by contacting your local eco advisory service or board, who will give you a sample bag to take a test of your lawn. They will then advise you of the correct products you will need to restore the soil to optimum nutrient levels- creating the perfect environment for healthy grass to grow.

2. Watering

Most gardeners will know that it’s a good idea to put the sprinklers on when the weather becomes dry, but what many don’t know is that watering your grass in the morning gives it the best chance for healthy growth. But be careful, overwatering can be just as harmful as under watering. Always check to see how dry or wet your grass and soil is before switching on those sprinklers.

3. Mowing

Moving the grass is another must do in order to keep it healthy. Rather than letting your grass grow long and then cutting it as short as possible to save time and energy, it is better to mow your lawn regularly to around an inch or two high - this is the optimum height for healthy grass to grow. Cut shorter than this, and the roots of your grass will be overexposed to sunlight and pollutants, leave the grass to grow too long however and the shade of the longer blades will underexpose the roots to the sunlight, water and nutrients that it needs. Both overgrowth and over cutting will lead to an unhealthy lawn.

4. Nutrients for your grass

Just like flowers, grass needs nutrient to thrive. Be careful if you are treating weeds and other unwanted visitors to your lawn with harsh chemicals,  as these will be affecting your grass as well. In order to balance out the treatments you are putting on your lawn, remember to give your grass nutrient also. A cheap and easy way to do this is to scatter mowed grass over your lawn, leaving it to decompose on the grass and fill the soil underneath with valuable nutrient which will help it to grow.

Ben is a gardening expert who writes for gardening equipment hire company, Speedy Services.


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