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Deck your garden in time for summer

Deck your garden The thought of sun and clear blue skies may seem a long way away, but worry not, summer has a funny way of creeping up on us. If like many of us you enjoy spending your summer evenings in the garden, now is a great time to think about updating it in time for summer.  Adding new decking, or relaying your garden lawn, will instantly make your home more attractive. An updated garden has the same effect as installing a new bathroom.  Your house appears friendly and inviting, and this is perfect for those long, relaxing, summer evenings spent in the garden chair.

Whether you’re completely revamping your garden, or giving it a lick of paint, it’s important to plan and start the work as early as possible. Garden decking can be a simple enough job if you plan to do it yourself, however it’s not the easiest project for someone inexperienced in DIY. Whether you plan on doing the work yourself, or getting a professional in, here are some tips to help you get started.

Shop Around

Decking has become a fashionable way of designing a garden. It’s more popular than concrete patios and there are now heaps of companies that specialise in it. If you have decided to get a professional in, make sure you research the company thoroughly, and where possible try and talk to people who have used them in the past for similar projects.

If you’re planning on doing the work yourself, it’s still important to shop around too. You can buy pre-treated decking from all major D.I.Y stores, with prices ranging between £300 - £2500, depending on the size and your requirements.


Once you have either settled on a builder or decided to go it alone, the next step is deciding where the decking will go. Consider how it will fit into your current garden. Will it be a standalone piece, or an attachment at the end of the conservatory or kitchen? Remember to think about the impact your deck will have on the neighbours and surrounding houses too, ideally you still want to maintain a bit of privacy in your garden. The next step in the planning process is configuring the actual area where the deck will sit.

If the area is uneven you may need to dig a new foundation and this may require professional help. Pick an area where there are no trees or visible obstacles close by, and if there is a tree in your garden, be sure to check where its roots are as this can cause complications in the future.

It also a good idea to include weed barrier in the build, this will stop weeds growing in-between the decking.

The Build

If you’ve employed a professional just sit back and watch them get to work, if you’ve opted to build the decking yourself, it’s important to carefully follow the instructions included. Ensure each piece is built according to the manual and when in doubt get a professional in. You’ll save a lot of time and money earlier in the build if you bring in a qualified landscaper as soon as you start having trouble.
If you plan on getting your garden in shape for the summer, now is a great time to start and hopefully the tips above will help. For more home and garden ideas visit More Home Designs today.


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